Op. 6 Bonfire

Distillery : Caol Ila Distillery

Cask Type : Ex-Benrinnes Oloroso Octave

Cask No. : 300757

Distilling/ Bottling: 2010 / 2022

ABV : 48.7%

Outturn: 85

The word is a combination of ‘bone’ and ‘fire’ and can be traced back to 15th century from the original word of ‘banefyre’. Bonfire is a controlled and much larger scale of campfire, and is usually built for a celebration, large outdoor event, burning of yard refuse or unwanted possessions, or used as a signalling device. It is usually fuelled by larger items like wooden pallets, large logs, brush and sometimes even chairs and tables.

Bonfire has different meanings, different purposes and different days in lighting up among countries. Some symbolize the end of winter, the arrival of spring, the brightest day in a year. Some countries use bonfire as a tradition to get rid of demons, protecting people against witches, In UK, bonfire is associated with tradition of celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes' actions on 5 November 1605; in Northern Ireland it is set up on 5 July; for the Celtic and Nordics, bonfire is lit on 23 or 24 June as the summer solstice/ Midsummer’s Eve and also linked to the birth of St. John; some central Europe countries are lighting up the fire on Walpurgis Night (between 30 April and 1 May). The use of bonfire can even be seen in Australia, India, Turkey, etc. Many foods are associated with Bonfire Night: Toffee apples, treacle toffee, black peas and parkin, and even toasted marshmallows.

Contrary to the bright fruitiness of Op.3 Moonlight, Op.6 Bonfire is relatively subtle, deep and warm with more dark fruit characters together with roasted meat notes. It remains one of sitting in front of the wooden cottage situated in the Nordic archipelago, having a charcoal grill cooking steaks and meanwhile having the smokes from heating wooden sauna of the cottage.

This bottle is selected as the charity bottle for supporting Humanitarian aid of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine- all donations will go directly for food, shelter, medicine, clothes and other help for refugees. 25€ of each bottle will be donated and 60 bottles are available for the charity purpose. All bottles are sold directly via whisky fairs in Germany or through pre-ordering for Asian markets. Donation will be made on or before 31 March 2022.