Op. 3 - Moonlight

Distillery : Aldunie Distillery

Cask Type : Bourbon Barrel

Cask No. : 1505

Distilling/ Bottling: 1997 / 2021

ABV : 47.8%

Outturn: 168

Inspired by the idiom “Once in a Blue Moon” with the rareness of Aldunie to be found in the market. The Moon gives people the feeling of two extreme, light and dark, positive and negative, love and darkness in life. It takes your strengths but can also enhances them. It intensifies, energizes and illuminates life in different aspects. Meanwhile it provides peace, calming effects and symbolizes harmony, cleanliness and purity. Moonlight appears only at darkness but it brings brightness when one is lost. Its strength varies as time goes by. Unicorn is the National Animal of Scotland which symbolizes purity, innocence and power.

Aldunie is the name of Kininvie teaspooned with its neighbouring big brothers Balvenie and Glenfiddich, sold by William Grant to independent bottlers. Kininvie is mostly produced for the corporate’s blends like Grant’s and Monkey Shoulder. This Aldunie is a perfect illustration of a well-matured Speyside whisky, no matter it is a single malt or blended malt. It carries depth, complexity and weight as a blended whisky yet shows its charms with all the ripe stone-fruity and creamy characters.

This Aldunie is selected as a charity bottling for Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke (Children Hospital Sternenbrücke) by our European distributor. Only less than half of the bottlings are released to the Asian markets.