Op. 2 - Murraya Paniculata cv.

Distillery : Nantou Distillery

Cask Type : Virgin Oak Cask

Cask No. : 01150495

Distilling/ Bottling: 2015 / 2020

ABV : 55.9%

Outturn: 222

Murraya Paniculata cv. is commonly known as orange jessamine or mock orange because there is the aroma of orange upon rubbing the leaves. It was said that the creamy white flowers of Murraya Paniculata are strong and fragrant. The fragrance can still be detected even people are far away from it. Thus it has the nickname of ‘seven miles fragrance’. In Taiwan, Murraya Paniculata stems are cut into spherical shape for demonstration and planting and is nicknamed ‘spherical grass’.

This Virgin oak cask from Nantou Distillery is not common as they are only sold locally in Taiwan as original bottling. Whisky Concerto is honoured to have the opportunity to select such cask. Indeed this is the only single cask available globally out of Taiwan so far, which has its own characters but still keeping the style of the distillery as well. Fresh fruit in the top layer with subtle sandalwood and agarwood at the back, opulent stone fruit matches perfectly with sweet spices. A long-drinkable, energetic whisky that can spend time with, and it is somewhat matured - more mature then its actual age. The masculine style is pretty different from the elegant soft Op. 1.

Recommend to open the bottle for around a week for breathing before consuming.