Op. 1 - Cattleya Orchids

Distillery : Nantou Distillery

Cask Type : Bourbon

Cask No. : 11140264

Distilling/ Bottling: 2014 / 2020

ABV : 57.9%

Outturn: 178

Cattleya Orchids are originated from tropical regions like Latin America and South America. They are more resistant to heat and sunshine among the numerous orchid species. Cattleya Orchids have huge glamorous flowers and are reputed as the Queen of Orchids. They have the meaning of classy, elegant, admiring and charming.

This Bourbon single cask from Nantou is full of perfume, ripen stone fruit, mixture of caramel cake with oriental spices and incenses characters. Soft but complex, delicate but elegant with long finish. Fruity, sweet yet not luscious. Charming and appealing whisky.